Music resources


HLO has an extensive library of original orchestrations ranging in date from the late 1900s right up to present day.  Music is the lifeblood of any orchestra and we have been fortunate to build  our library of music over the years through kind donations from private collections, other musical societies and local organisations, or via composers and arrangers.  The library has grown from less than 100 sets, to well over 2000 today. 


During the formative years of the orchestra we relied heavily on hand written arrangements by our musical director Laurie Jones.  Laurie’s original arrangements are unique and were tailored specifically for the HLO and we still play them to this day.  Notable arrangements include ‘Bondland’, ‘Yuletide Capers’, ‘The Pink Panther’ and  ‘Lonely Strings’ amongst many others.


­The HLO library has many unique and rare treasured musical items including a number of original manuscript arrangements from the 'golden age' of Light Orchestral Music and played by the many light orchestras  broadcasting on the 'wireless' during that period (1930s - 1960s).   One such collection in our library came from orchestra and band leader Jack Leon.  Many of these arrangements were written specifically for his band line-up and have never been performed since they were recorded or heard during a live  radio broadcast.  Some of these arrangements are stamped 'Approved for MWYW' (Music While You Work) and deemed suitable 'by the authorities'  for listening to by factory workers during and just after WWII.


Variety is the spice of life for both our players and audiences alike as we rehearse and perform programmes of music with wide ranging styles.  Typically at any one time we may be rehearsing musical styles including, overtures, marches, show selections, radio and film theme tunes, ballet music, waltzes, tangos, paso doble,  idylls, novelty items etc.  Something for everyone is guaranteed.