Georgina Hazell

Georgina Hazell is a versatile and dynamic conductor originally from London.  She began her musical career as a pianist and saxophonist, completing her undergraduate studies at the University of Manchester. 


Whilst undergoing training on the esteemed conducting programme directed by Robert Guy, she led the university's Symphony Orchestra for the 2022/23 season, culminating with a tour to Ireland with the orchestra and the Ad Solemn Singers. 


Since leaving London, she has studied conducting under Robert Guy, Peter Stark, and Agata Zajac, whilst also receiving coaching from Sir Mark Elder.

HLO and beyond

Hale Light Orchestra (HLO) are very pleased to welcome our new Musical Director - Georgina Hazell, who has been rehearsing the orchestra since January 2024. 


HLO have been able to confidently tackle some of the more challenging music in the light orchestral repertoire to date under her superb conducting and guidance. 


In 2023, Georgina was selected as Musical Director for a production of the Opera 'Mrs President' by Victoria Bond and since has been selected to conduct on intensive courses taught by Alice Farnham and Mark Heron.  She also enjoys conducting young musicians in support of the Warrington Youth Orchestra charitable organisation. 



Georgina combines her experience and exceptional musicality with a collaborative approach to connect with musicians, and particularly enjoys interpreting contemporary music. 


Georgina performs regularly as the lead soprano saxophone player in the Nova Saxophone Quartet.  Since their debut in 2021, the group have performed in venues all over the North of England, including an immersive performance in Manchester Museum, and have premiered over ten pieces commissioned for them.